Formula 1 Tyre Rules Change Again

February 4, 2011 at 3:10 am Leave a comment

Just a few weeks now till the opening of the new F1 season. Tyre equipment has changed to Pirelli from Bridgestone. Pirelli have finished their testing of development tyres at Abu Dhabi, using a 2009 Toyota F1 car as their test bed.

Then along came the “rule changers”.

This year the number of sets of dry weather tyres that can be used over a weekend of qualifying and racing has been reduced from 14 sets to 11. One complete set (4 tyres) has to be handed back before the start of the weekend’s second practice session, and two sets before the third practice.

Not only that, but the top ten qualifiers have to start on the same tyres as were used when setting their qualifying time.

This approach is aimed at having the team managers have a good look at their strategies, as some teams may opt to set slower practice times in order to have optimum tyre equipment for the actual race conditions.

Need more background information? Then have a look at “Tread Compounds for Formula 1”, and a heartfelt plea for the hair tearing stages that team managers already go through to choose the right tyre for the conditions, earlier in the “The Tyre Blog”.

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