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Price Rises for Tyres Coming

The cost of natural rubber has reached an all time high of over US$3/lb; tyre prices in Europe are to rise by around 5%, so it appears inevitable that, after a due delay due to shipping from overseas, (all tyres are now imported) tyre prices will rise in Australia by around the same percentage.

Natural rubber is still used in the carcase and sidewalls of a passenger tyre, and a much greater percentage in heavy vehicle tyres.


October 12, 2010 at 4:24 am 4 comments

Pirelli Boots

Not so long ago, fitting a new set of tyres was referred to colloquially as “fitting new boots”.

Now it’s for real.

Pirelli have launched a fashion line of ladies boots based on their PZero line of tyres!

The “Gum Collection” of high heeled shoes includes dual tone rain boots, low cut shoes, passe-partout boots, and 8 cm high lace up half-boots..Wow!

These shoes offer soles based on the P-Lunga tyre, providing what Pirelli calls a “fusion of femininity and comfort”. Good tread pattern too!

But the colours are truly awesome. Can you imagine the ladies in industrial grey and anthracite ( read jet black); petrol and tyre black (???); bordeaux, and yellow.

That’s what is called “drawing a long bow” in the fashion industry. It just leaves us tyre blokes gobsmacked.

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