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Introducing the new hosereel tyres!

Every new car has at least 4 wheel rims attached to it. They are still there when the car is scrapped, except for the relative few that find other uses.

One of the most popular is as a hosereel, and probably hundreds of thousands are attached to garden and garage walls around the world.

As against that, over 150 million are scrapped each year alone, melted down and used again.

However, this is the only recorded case I can find, where the two uses have been combined- car wheel and hose reel at the same time. One thing for sure, the driver won’t get far. And the rim will only be suitable for scrap after this sort of treatment.

With the current trend to vehicles not having a spare, we can expect to see this more often.

Once, tyres were filled with grass to get you to a garage. Nowadays, you can’t even dislodge the beads to fill the tyre with anything at all!


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