Bridgestone Launches Ecopia EP100

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Australian motorists concerned about the impact of their car on the environment now have a new ally – Bridgestone ECOPIA.

Bridgestone ECOPIA is an all-new passenger car tyre that increases vehicle fuel efficiency while lowering CO2 emissions.

ECOPIA has been put through rigorous and extensive independent testing in accordance with ADR81/02, the Australian standard for measuring fuel consumption and emissions.

The tests proved that ECOPIA can increase fuel efficiency by 3.3% when compared with standard tyres*.

More importantly, the tests showed that ECOPIA can also reduce CO2 emissions by 3.3% when compared with standard tyres. If extrapolated over the life of a set of tyres, that equates to a 260kg reduction in CO2 emissions**.

ECOPIA achieves these results by utilising the results of Bridgestone’s global research and development of Low Rolling Resistance technology.

“As the term suggests, rolling resistance is the force required to keep a tyre rolling,” said Burkhard Kabelitz, National Technical Field Service and Product Planning Manager for Bridgestone Australia Ltd.

“The lower the rolling resistance, the less fuel is required to power the vehicle – and that leads to lower Carbon Dioxide (CO2) exhaust emissions. The ECOPIA technology significantly lowers rolling resistance and therefore increases vehicle fuel efficiency while also cutting CO2 emissions.

“It’s a product we believe will appeal very strongly to the growing number of Australian motorists who want to lower their car’s impact on the environment and save fuel at the same time.”

Naturally, ECOPIA EP100 also features Bridgestone’s legendary standards of safety and performance. Its new tread pattern features:

–          Rib-linked blocks for enhanced rigidity;

–          High-angle side groove to evenly distribute dynamic forces when braking;

–          3D cut ribs  for lateral strength; and

–          Silent AC block for a quieter ride.

“At Bridgestone, our mission is to provide a safe environment for all our children and the children of future generations,” said Shawn Hara, Managing Director of Bridgestone Australia Ltd.

“That’s why we believe in doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment,” Mr Hara said.

“Through that commitment, we have now created a product that reduces a vehicle’s impact on the environment without compromising on Bridgestone’s legendary quality and safety.”

ECOPIA will be available in sizes to suit a wide range of vehicles such as:

–          Light vehicles (including Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2);

–          Small vehicles (including Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3);

–          Medium vehicles (including Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, Honda Accord); and

–          Premium vehicles (including BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class).

Additionally, Bridgestone is also combining its ECOPIA technology with premium brands such as the Turanza ER300, giving motorists further options to reduce their fuel usage and emissions. The Turanza ER300 with Ecopia Technology is available for larger vehicles such as the Holden VE Omega and Berlina.

ECOPIA EP100 will go on sale throughout Bridgestone’s Australia-wide retail network of Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centre and Bridgestone Tyre Centre stores from November 2009. To find your nearest store, visit or call 131 229. Read more about Bridgestone Ecopia here.

*Vehicles were tested in accordance with ADR81/02, the Australian standard for measuring fuel consumption and emissions. ECOPIA testing was conducted using Ecopia tyres versus current Bridgestone product of the same dimensions on identical 2009 manual petrol Mazda 3, 5-door Hatches. Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions depend on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition and how the car is driven.

** Based on the average of 14,000 kms/year and average kilometres for life of a tyre at 40,000kms.

Bridgestone Australia Ltd. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, and employs more than 1500 at facilities around Australia including 600 at its major tyre manufacturing plant in Salisbury, South Australia. Bridgestone Australia Ltd. is a major supplier to manufacturers such as Holden, HSV, Kenworth and Volvo Trucks, and is a major tyre and service provider to most major transport operators and retails tyres through its own franchise channels – Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Tyre Centres and Bridgestone Service Centres – as well as other channels.

Media information:

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08 8267 6888 or 0418 817 876

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