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Superstars Miranda Kerr, Catherine McNeil & Abbey Lee Kershaw – all from DownUnder – are among the 11 models in this year’s Pirelli calendar.

The Pirelli calendar is about to be released to its usual select audience of 10,000 world wide.
You first read about it on the Cars Guide site, and the three Aussie models follow a well worn trail of Australian pulchitude that has adorned this calendar over the years, at exotic locations all over the world.

But here’s the twist.

The review of the Pirelli calendar on the Cars Guide site is written by a lassie called Karla Pincott. So what’s remarkable about that?

All it shows to me is that the smell of rubber dust in the nostrils can even jump a generation or two. I bet London to a brick that she’s related to an old pioneer of the Australian retreading industry, Jim Pincott, who used to make the “Kookaburra” buffing blades used to prepare a tyre for retreading, and a whole range of retreading equipment. Jim had a flourishing business in the fifties/sixties, and his involvement in the industry dated back to the days of Sir Frank Beaurepaire. So when I said “pioneer”, I meant it!


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