Yahoo! / Microsoft Deal – and what this changes for us

August 4, 2009 at 11:15 pm 1 comment

Two weeks ago we discussed the algorithm changes in Google that was largely commented among Search Marketers and ended the article with a nice tease “pack your bag for Bing”. Now it’s official, with the Yahoo! / Microsoft deal on search, you can definitely pack!

What is the deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft about?

This deal means Yahoo search engine will be replaced by Bing. Bing becoming Yahoo! + Microsoft’s only search engine.  If you do the maths, even with minimum numbers, Bing should grow naturally to a 15% market share in search.

That should only be a start as the deal was signed with a 10 year term and Microsoft will have full access to the entire Yahoo! core search technologies, meaning they should be able to further improve Bing and throw marketing dollars at it, whish they have already started doing!

Another major consequence is the merger of Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center, bringing a strong player in the paid search marketing space…

What should YOU do, if you are in the automotive space online?

Clearly, it’s time to stop focusing on Google only. Microsoft has the motivation to catch up and this deal shows us that it’s not only about motivation!

Think about SEO for Bing, create a Bing webmaster account to ensure your website pages have been indexed by this engine, and check your rankings regularly.

Then, it’s time to diversify your Search Engine Advertising and give the Microsoft Adcenter a try for your ads. You’ll first realise the average cost per click is cheaper than Google Adwords and conversions generally higher, but this is only due to the fact the competition is not as fierce as in google, and this is likely to change!

What’s the timeline?

Yahoo says the entire operation will take 24 months to be completed. Therefore, you don’t have to rush just right now, but this deal will still bring a lot of changes for all online businesses and it’s better to anticipate it.

At CarbonBlack we rank better in Bing than in Yahoo. That’s a good start, but we’ll be providing better insights on how to best leverage Bing, be it organically or in regards with paid advertising to all our clients.

If you are a tyre dealer, a mechanic, a car dealer, an automotive brand… you can let the CarbonBlack experts worry about what happens between Bing, Google and Yahoo!.

Become a member now and CarbonBlack will start sending you qualified leads at the lowest cost in the market.

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