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June 18, 2009 at 10:04 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever tried searching in Google for a vehicle pre-purchase inspection before you bought a used vehicle, only to see on the first page 10 results for property inspections?

And how do you know which websites are the best for your needs given the millions of websites out there? Today, some websites allow you to search and compare parts fitted to you car, others bring you live news of the automotive industry… But these gems are often buried on the 30th page of Google!

While Google is a great search engine, it is designed to work on a broad scale and lacks the semantic background to filter the results when searches become specific.

This is why CarbonBlack has decided to develop, share and maintain a search engine 100% dedicated to the Australian Automotive Industry.

search-engine-automotive-in uses the Google algorithm but has built on top of it to provide a better search experience on all automotive topics:

  • selection of leading automotive websites in Australian and around the world
  • almost 1 millions urls prioritised by automotive experts
  • ability to refine using 12 factors filtering the type of content (e.g: news vs jobs) or type of service (new / used cars vs service / repairs)
  • latest news, blogs, reviews and jobs listings

“The Internet is about sharing… We have been developing this list of great websites internally for 3 years, and have decided that it could be extremely useful to fellow industry workers” admits CarbonBlack founder and managing director Jodi Stanton.

“Everyone is welcome to further improve the engine by submitting new websites and we’ll soon be releasing widgets to carry our search engine in your browser so that you don’t have to come back to the site every time you are looking for car specs, a tyre model or the price of a performance part!” Stanton added. is available for free and also features a growing compilation of the best automotive news sources as well as a job board for the automotive industry.

Cliff Rosenberg, part of the CarbonBlack team and previously the Managing Director of Yahoo! Australia & NZ, has contributed to the strategy of taking this concept live.

Want to recommend a great site to add? Tell us now.

Watch for great new tools on in the coming months.

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