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CarbonBlack releases a widget for consumers to search and compare tyres online

Small, portable, fast…

What’s smaller than the latest smallest mobile phone, but much more portable ?
It’s the new “search tyres” widget from, one of the major providers of automotive and tyre industry information in Australia.

Following on the recent launch of a car parts online shop on the website, is further developing ways in which motor vehicle owners and car enthusiasts can easily and quickly “hook up” online with tyres and spare parts suppliers, as well as service providers to get their tyres changed, their car serviced or add a new tow bar to the ute !!

the tyre widget available at

the tyre widget available at

With the launch of this fast, light and highly portable web widget, Australian drivers will be able to instantly search and compare tyre models online anywhere on the web.

This is in line with our strategy to gain a significant presence in the auto service space this year

said’s Sales development manager, Nigel McBride.

CarbonBlack is already discussing white labeling options with several parties, as other service / parts providers realize how they too can provide unique information with a new revenue stream in mind

he added.

The tyre widget is currently in beta version, but CarbonBlack has made it available for anyone to use at

In the month of April, over a million tyre models were viewed on CarbonBlack.
Now, the technology can be incorporated into other automotive trade businesses with minimal effort.


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