Motor Traders’ Association finds new customers online

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The Motor Traders’ Association (MTA) of New South Wales offers Pre-Purchase Inspection facilities for anyone buying or selling a used car. To reach this mass consumer market the MTA has previously undertaken both traditional and online advertising campaigns. However these considerable investments were not successful in putting them in front of most of the people, most of the time and did not produce successful measurable outcomes. The MTA wanted to raise its the brand profile in the community and directly target those consumers in the market to buy or sell a used car.

The Solution

The MTA had already incorporated a level of technology into its Pre-Purchase Inspection program. Gone were the days of impossible to decipher, scribbly hand written inspection forms. Modern inspections are now conducted by an accredited professional with tailored hand-held technology able to download the reports to a central server. Records are emailed to every client.

The MTA realised that its adoption of technology and capitalising on the benefits of the internet were crucial to the next phase of development. It needed to reach the mass market on a regular basis to keep them up to date on its services, but within budget.

The MTA elected to partner with CarbonBlack TyreXchange to strategically drive its service leads. It signed up to the CarbonBlack pay-per-lead plan to join Australia’s leading independent online directory for all things auto. The CarbonBlack TyreXchange allows the MTA to reach its target market via a range of options including email marketing programs, toll free number hosting and online facilities including a ‘Click to Phone (Voice over Internet Protocol) button, clicks through to the MTA website and online bookings.

The Benefits

The MTA is already experiencing early days of success with a great return on its investment.
Now the MTA only pays for sales leads it generates; it can choose from a variety of channels of customer contact; and it has access to over 600,000 profiled consumers with the CarbonBlack offering. CarbonBlack is expert at acquiring customers for auto-related organisations and is a new and innovative medium for connecting the auto consumers with industry.
CarbonBlack Membership has allowed the MTA to undertake electronic marketing campaigns to regional markets, further supporting the cause of its members and car owners based both in the city and outside of urbanised areas. With an early influx of calls requesting local details for inspection centres, the MTA will continue to receive interest as the search index options increase.

According to James McCall, CEO, Motor Traders’ Association:

“CarbonBlack has been servicing our organization now for the past few months. Their lead generation marketing offers a great solution to many of our members. I fully endorse their services and I encourage all of you to take a look at what they have to offer. In times like we are facing success based marketing should be front of mind.”

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