CarbonBlack keeps the innovations coming for Midas

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CarbonBlack and Midas have teamed up to introduce a range of innovations to better connect consumers to 90 Midas auto service centres throughout Australia over the coming year. Midas will be able to connect to CarbonBlack visitors conducting “pre-shopping” research prior to buying auto parts and services.

Today ninety per cent of Australian consumers research a product online prior to making a major purchase – and for the Midas network this is great news. Already Australian consumers are relying on the CarbonBlack site to look for new ways to educate themselves and find the right auto product or service.

Joining the CarbonBlack network gives Midas a greater presence on the internet and allows them to better understand its customers. Gaining a greater insight into the purchasing needs for Australian auto consumers will help them further to deliver the ‘The Midas Promise’.

CarbonBlack profiles the Midas green-friendly LPG conversion program

The inclusion of Midas into the CarbonBlack network further differentiates CarbonBlack for consumers. Consumers have an even wider choice of service providers and in fact now can choose to book an auto service online with any Midas service centre.

And for the fully accredited Midas LPG conversion stores and green-friendly auto consumers the good news continues. This new program from Midas to manage the requirements for environmentally-conscious car owners is now on the web. Consumers can find out where and how easy it is to convert to LPG – saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.

A CarbonBlack website for everyone

Individual websites for each Midas service centre makes business a breeze. Every Midas auto service centre has a specially tailored CarbonBlack website to promote day-to-day business and innovations like the LPG conversion program. CarbonBlack then applies its search engine marketing expertise and ensures each service centre is well represented in the search engines.

Investing in a targeted approach

By better understanding your customers you can more easily invest in targeted marketing campaigns. This gives you a better return on investing in your own business.

Online marketing tools are part of the CarbonBlack service and diagnose customer enquiries, update you on how many customer leads have been received, the number of quotes placed and how many website visitors you have had. CarbonBlack can even time how long people are staying on your site and the time it takes to research and place orders. This allows you to promote existing services and launch new services exactly to the people who need and want them. CarbonBlack, specialising in customer acquisition, now also provides market research and email marketing to over 600,000 profiled consumers.

Expanding its online shopping network

As part of its commitment to expanding the CarbonBlack consumer footprint, a series of online shopping alliances will be rolled out over the coming months. This will see CarbonBlack’s digital catalogue of auto parts, service capabilities and network members placed in strategic pre-shopping sites favoured by Australian consumers. This is all part of CarbonBlack’s drive to reach 2 million active automotive shoppers in the coming year.

Cost-effectively maintaining and expanding your business

As consumers continue to seek value in every purchase they make, measuring your marketing effectiveness to both maintain and grow your business makes sense. CarbonBlack can partner with you to provide cost-effective sales leads every week and only charge you for the leads they send.

Anyway don’t just take our word….visit to find out how almost 2,000 service centres around the country have the CarbonBlack edge.

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