CarbonBlack’s Independent Tyre Brand Scorecard

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As part of its offering to the auto sector, CarbonBlack TyreXchange (CarbonBlack) regularly releases market research reports. Its latest report, the Independent Tyre Brand Scorecard, outlines some notable changes in tyre purchasing behaviour by Australian consumers.

Product or Price?

Contrary to popular service centre opinion, less than 35% of tyre purchasers today are choosing new tyres on price. According to the report, for consumers the number one most important buying factor is product and this has remained consistent over the last twelve months. Factors much lower in priority for consumers were price and convenience, followed by almost negligible influences such as, somewhat surprisingly, the perceived impact of advertising.


But how do they differentiate between products?

Australia is now third in line after the United Kingdom and United States of America in using the internet to search for information and products in the tyre sector. Consumers want to know more, in an unbiased way.
Traditional advertising by the tyre manufacturers has done an admirable job in educating consumers about individual tyre brands. But now consumers are looking beyond brands and need more information on tread patterns, safety and performance attributes and increasingly more important, independent product and service centres reviews.
An interesting outcome of the Independent Tyre Scorecard report revealed that while consumers are on the whole happy with their current tyres, they are not necessarily choosing the same brand when replacing them.
Making tyre product information more easily available online via sites such as the independent directory CarbonBlack and providing product-based information to consumers at point-of-sale is a great opportunity to communicate with tyre consumers. And for those manufacturers reaching out to sections of the market with specific campaigns the feedback was positive. Tyre manufacturers that targeted the luxury car market and increasingly educated female purchaser market were successful – and at the expense of their competitors. Likewise, some manufacturers were much better in reselling the OEM option than others.


CarbonBlack TyreXchange Better Business Tips

The challenge for auto businesses both big and small today is to reach and educate as many of these customers as possible in the lowest cost of sale environment to meet these demands.
With the emphasis from consumers on product and not pricing, use these better business tips to make that sale:

  • 1. Differentiate the product’s benefits at point-of-sale.
  • 2. Do not underestimate up-sell opportunities. Don’t always offer the cheaper tyre. Seventy percent of the time this is not what customers want.
  • 3. Understand each and every customer’s needs and tailor your sales program to meet their requirements.

For CarbonBlack’s Founder, Jodi Stanton the internet is growing in its popularity in educating consumers and subsequently people are seeking better information from tyre manufacturers when it matters most – at point-of-sale.

“Traditional advertising needs to be combined with marketing that focuses on product differentiation, general tyre education and safety programs with retail environments that improve the sales experience for that particular brand.
Over the last twelve months the internet marketplace environment of CarbonBlack has generated over $6 million in sales leads for auto businesses, both big and small. This really is the one space where major retailers and independent providers can both educate customers and generate sales enquiries that are low cost to the business and highly convenient for the customer,”

Stanton concluded.

CarbonBlack at can help you provide online marketing tools to reach your valued clientele in a low cost, highly effective environment. Call 02 9369 4662 today to find out how.

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