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CarbonBlack – a web 2.0 model for the financial industry!

It’s a great deal of pride to find out that experts in other industries quote your approach to web 2.0 features as a cross-industry reference.
Especially when it comes from the financial industry, which, to many aspects, is more advanced online than the automotive industry.

“One example of a website that is using interactive tools to provide a targeted experience for visitors is Although it is not a financial services company, Carbon Black is a good example of how you can turn a website into an online community with voting, recommendations, reviews and useful search capabilities that become more helpful over time as more people contribute. According to BRW this site has produced more than $1.75 million in sales leads to tyre dealers”

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Continental / Tyres4U, Midas and CarbonBlack have joined forces to make your car safe for the holidays

Sydney, 9 December 2008 – CarbonBlack, Australia’s leading independent online pre-shopping community for tyres and automotive (auto) services today announced an exclusive holiday promotion with leading Australian tyre distributor Tyres4U and leading automotive service provider Midas to help Australia’s travellers to get their cars in shape for their summer holidays.

Now through January 3, 2008 CarbonBlack drivers can enter to win a holiday package that includes Midas’s most popular service with over 5 litres of semi-synthetic oil, 4 new Continental tyres from Tyres4U, and a vehicle detail and $100 in petrol from CarbonBlack.
Year around, CarbonBlack delivers a free online pre-shopping destination for consumers to service their cars. CarbonBlack provides comparative information on the largest selection of tyres in Australia, top consumer tyre picks, reviews on products, service centres and auto dealers, as well as information on logbook servicing requirements and specialised services such as pre-purchase inspections. The current ‘holiday travel destination’ features specials and sale catalogues on tyres, parts and services.

“Auto servicing is a ‘grudge’ purchase. We know consumers seek quick and easy comparative information on car servicing. While price is important, we’re finding consumers are much more focused on finding trusted products and a knowledgeable professional to deliver the service,”

said Jodi Stanton,’s managing director.

It was an easy decision for CarbonBlack to partner with the Continental brand. When asked ‘Are you happy with your current tyres’, CarbonBlack consumers consistently ranked Continental in the top two tyre brands available in Australia. Furthermore, Continental has a loyal following.

“On it is the third most raved about tyre brand and Continental drivers are more concerned about product quality than owners of any other tyre brand.”

Continental and Tyres4U are excited to work with CarbonBlack to provide online shoppers with access to leading tyre dealers selling a leading global brand, and have promoted their top ten Continental Concept stores to CarbonBlack’s shoppers – including two Trivett outlets in Sydney, Nedlands, Australia’s leader in Continental tyres for 2004-2006, and Bridgeport Tyre Service, Brisbane’s leading Continental tyre service centre.

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CarbonBlack keeps the innovations coming for Midas

CarbonBlack and Midas have teamed up to introduce a range of innovations to better connect consumers to 90 Midas auto service centres throughout Australia over the coming year. Midas will be able to connect to CarbonBlack visitors conducting “pre-shopping” research prior to buying auto parts and services.

Today ninety per cent of Australian consumers research a product online prior to making a major purchase – and for the Midas network this is great news. Already Australian consumers are relying on the CarbonBlack site to look for new ways to educate themselves and find the right auto product or service.

Joining the CarbonBlack network gives Midas a greater presence on the internet and allows them to better understand its customers. Gaining a greater insight into the purchasing needs for Australian auto consumers will help them further to deliver the ‘The Midas Promise’.

CarbonBlack profiles the Midas green-friendly LPG conversion program

The inclusion of Midas into the CarbonBlack network further differentiates CarbonBlack for consumers. Consumers have an even wider choice of service providers and in fact now can choose to book an auto service online with any Midas service centre.

And for the fully accredited Midas LPG conversion stores and green-friendly auto consumers the good news continues. This new program from Midas to manage the requirements for environmentally-conscious car owners is now on the web. Consumers can find out where and how easy it is to convert to LPG – saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.

A CarbonBlack website for everyone

Individual websites for each Midas service centre makes business a breeze. Every Midas auto service centre has a specially tailored CarbonBlack website to promote day-to-day business and innovations like the LPG conversion program. CarbonBlack then applies its search engine marketing expertise and ensures each service centre is well represented in the search engines.

Investing in a targeted approach

By better understanding your customers you can more easily invest in targeted marketing campaigns. This gives you a better return on investing in your own business.

Online marketing tools are part of the CarbonBlack service and diagnose customer enquiries, update you on how many customer leads have been received, the number of quotes placed and how many website visitors you have had. CarbonBlack can even time how long people are staying on your site and the time it takes to research and place orders. This allows you to promote existing services and launch new services exactly to the people who need and want them. CarbonBlack, specialising in customer acquisition, now also provides market research and email marketing to over 600,000 profiled consumers.

Expanding its online shopping network

As part of its commitment to expanding the CarbonBlack consumer footprint, a series of online shopping alliances will be rolled out over the coming months. This will see CarbonBlack’s digital catalogue of auto parts, service capabilities and network members placed in strategic pre-shopping sites favoured by Australian consumers. This is all part of CarbonBlack’s drive to reach 2 million active automotive shoppers in the coming year.

Cost-effectively maintaining and expanding your business

As consumers continue to seek value in every purchase they make, measuring your marketing effectiveness to both maintain and grow your business makes sense. CarbonBlack can partner with you to provide cost-effective sales leads every week and only charge you for the leads they send.

Anyway don’t just take our word….visit to find out how almost 2,000 service centres around the country have the CarbonBlack edge.

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CarbonBlack’s Independent Tyre Brand Scorecard

As part of its offering to the auto sector, CarbonBlack TyreXchange (CarbonBlack) regularly releases market research reports. Its latest report, the Independent Tyre Brand Scorecard, outlines some notable changes in tyre purchasing behaviour by Australian consumers.

Product or Price?

Contrary to popular service centre opinion, less than 35% of tyre purchasers today are choosing new tyres on price. According to the report, for consumers the number one most important buying factor is product and this has remained consistent over the last twelve months. Factors much lower in priority for consumers were price and convenience, followed by almost negligible influences such as, somewhat surprisingly, the perceived impact of advertising.


But how do they differentiate between products?

Australia is now third in line after the United Kingdom and United States of America in using the internet to search for information and products in the tyre sector. Consumers want to know more, in an unbiased way.
Traditional advertising by the tyre manufacturers has done an admirable job in educating consumers about individual tyre brands. But now consumers are looking beyond brands and need more information on tread patterns, safety and performance attributes and increasingly more important, independent product and service centres reviews.
An interesting outcome of the Independent Tyre Scorecard report revealed that while consumers are on the whole happy with their current tyres, they are not necessarily choosing the same brand when replacing them.
Making tyre product information more easily available online via sites such as the independent directory CarbonBlack and providing product-based information to consumers at point-of-sale is a great opportunity to communicate with tyre consumers. And for those manufacturers reaching out to sections of the market with specific campaigns the feedback was positive. Tyre manufacturers that targeted the luxury car market and increasingly educated female purchaser market were successful – and at the expense of their competitors. Likewise, some manufacturers were much better in reselling the OEM option than others.


CarbonBlack TyreXchange Better Business Tips

The challenge for auto businesses both big and small today is to reach and educate as many of these customers as possible in the lowest cost of sale environment to meet these demands.
With the emphasis from consumers on product and not pricing, use these better business tips to make that sale:

  • 1. Differentiate the product’s benefits at point-of-sale.
  • 2. Do not underestimate up-sell opportunities. Don’t always offer the cheaper tyre. Seventy percent of the time this is not what customers want.
  • 3. Understand each and every customer’s needs and tailor your sales program to meet their requirements.

For CarbonBlack’s Founder, Jodi Stanton the internet is growing in its popularity in educating consumers and subsequently people are seeking better information from tyre manufacturers when it matters most – at point-of-sale.

“Traditional advertising needs to be combined with marketing that focuses on product differentiation, general tyre education and safety programs with retail environments that improve the sales experience for that particular brand.
Over the last twelve months the internet marketplace environment of CarbonBlack has generated over $6 million in sales leads for auto businesses, both big and small. This really is the one space where major retailers and independent providers can both educate customers and generate sales enquiries that are low cost to the business and highly convenient for the customer,”

Stanton concluded.

CarbonBlack at can help you provide online marketing tools to reach your valued clientele in a low cost, highly effective environment. Call 02 9369 4662 today to find out how.

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Motor Traders’ Association finds new customers online

The Motor Traders’ Association (MTA) of New South Wales offers Pre-Purchase Inspection facilities for anyone buying or selling a used car. To reach this mass consumer market the MTA has previously undertaken both traditional and online advertising campaigns. However these considerable investments were not successful in putting them in front of most of the people, most of the time and did not produce successful measurable outcomes. The MTA wanted to raise its the brand profile in the community and directly target those consumers in the market to buy or sell a used car.

The Solution

The MTA had already incorporated a level of technology into its Pre-Purchase Inspection program. Gone were the days of impossible to decipher, scribbly hand written inspection forms. Modern inspections are now conducted by an accredited professional with tailored hand-held technology able to download the reports to a central server. Records are emailed to every client.

The MTA realised that its adoption of technology and capitalising on the benefits of the internet were crucial to the next phase of development. It needed to reach the mass market on a regular basis to keep them up to date on its services, but within budget.

The MTA elected to partner with CarbonBlack TyreXchange to strategically drive its service leads. It signed up to the CarbonBlack pay-per-lead plan to join Australia’s leading independent online directory for all things auto. The CarbonBlack TyreXchange allows the MTA to reach its target market via a range of options including email marketing programs, toll free number hosting and online facilities including a ‘Click to Phone (Voice over Internet Protocol) button, clicks through to the MTA website and online bookings.

The Benefits

The MTA is already experiencing early days of success with a great return on its investment.
Now the MTA only pays for sales leads it generates; it can choose from a variety of channels of customer contact; and it has access to over 600,000 profiled consumers with the CarbonBlack offering. CarbonBlack is expert at acquiring customers for auto-related organisations and is a new and innovative medium for connecting the auto consumers with industry.
CarbonBlack Membership has allowed the MTA to undertake electronic marketing campaigns to regional markets, further supporting the cause of its members and car owners based both in the city and outside of urbanised areas. With an early influx of calls requesting local details for inspection centres, the MTA will continue to receive interest as the search index options increase.

According to James McCall, CEO, Motor Traders’ Association:

“CarbonBlack has been servicing our organization now for the past few months. Their lead generation marketing offers a great solution to many of our members. I fully endorse their services and I encourage all of you to take a look at what they have to offer. In times like we are facing success based marketing should be front of mind.”

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Running a Business online can now be “All Things Auto”

The internet has been highly successful in reaching consumers and profiling a wide range of products. Well now the auto industry is taking its turn. Australia’s number one independent tyre site, CarbonBlack is rapidly becoming the preferred place to shop for tyres and auto parts for both consumers and trade buyers.

CarbonBlack TyreXchange links consumers and trade buyers to a network of premier auto service centres and directories for tyres, parts and servicing requirements. Its recent agreement with Advanced Automotive Data Services now includes more than 920,000 catalogued aftermarket auto parts online. Over 7,800 vehicle makes and models – from the 1950’s to current models can be matched to tyres and parts quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By directly connecting auto dealers to consumers and trade buyers, individual dealers can measure the marketing investment for establishing an internet presence and generating online sales leads with the CarbonBlack online reporting system.

With measurable sales leads doubling every six months, Australian auto and tyre dealers are generating new business opportunities and revenue streams – plus creating a unique internet presence.

It’s as easy as ABC with CarbonBlack

For ABC Tyre power and Mechanical in Sydney’s suburban Rosebery, subscribing to the CarbonBlack TyreXchange increased relevant customer enquiries and sales, generating an estimated 8% annual growth to the business.

We have experienced a growth in both regular and casual customers

outlined Chris Tofalakis, proprietor of ABC Tyre power.

ABC Tyre power’s company profile was viewed more than 20,000 times in the first eight months of subscription, converting over 6% of $200,000 worth of internet-generated quotes to sales, providing ABC Tyre power with a marketing return on investment greater than 2000%.

Independent Service Providers Want a Competitive Edge

North Manly Tyres and Automotive Services is a family owned business providing quality services to the Northern Beaches of Sydney since 1988.
Since subscribing to CarbonBlack TyreXchange in May 2008, the company has appeared in over 3,000 directory services, such as Google™

The Support of Coffey Ford in Victoria
It’s not just the independents reaping the benefit of CarbonBlack.

Coffey Ford in Dandenong Victoria listened to what their customers were saying and introduced tyre sales to their product offering with a vision of becoming a one-stop shop for both auto and tyres. By signing up to the CarbonBlack pay-per-lead plan Coffey Ford now can measure the viewing and buying behaviour of Ford and non-Ford auto owners.

According to Service Manager, Tony Maroun,

The inclusion of CarbonBlack as part of our tyre offering complements the investment in advertising that Coffey Ford are targeting the tyre market with.

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