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Our expert, David Matthews writes:

I drive a fairly low-slung sports car- a Nissan 200SX, as regular readers of this blog will know.

What really gets up my nose is the aggressive driver of a four-wheel drive who tailgates me in suburban streets, when I’m doing the speed limit. Because they can see right over the top of my car from their seat on high, they close the gap to frighteningly close dimensions if they want to push you along.

Recently, I was tailgated by a 2 ½ tonne Landcruiser with bull bar, head lights blazing, at less than five metres behind, at the end of the shopping strip, and past the pedestrian crossing. I floored it for 75 metres just to get away. Straight into the arms of the speed trap set up by the police. He had a digital readout to nail my speed, and that was enough to issue the ticket.

Three demerit points! 77 km/h in a 50 km/h area- even if it was for only 75 metres.

Protesting about the four wheel drive, the policeman, who was quite nice about it, admitted that tailgating was a problem, but that he had never booked any-one for doing it! His only advice was that if confronted by this situation, the victim should pull over and let them pass. You can imagine how likely that is in busy city traffic.

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