consequences of social marketing and other web 2.0…

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Two words that often come together and annoy many because they are used all the time. These words describe the big Internet shift from one-way communications (essentially directed by the brand to its audience) to communications that can be initiatied by everyone and everywhere.

What’s coined “web 2.0” is simply a web application that allows user interaction.

That’s for the theory, now, what’s the big deal for your own business?
First of all, you should be aware that “people outside” can talk about your business easily and reach a significant audience. This can be done via a forum, a blog, a web 2.0 website or social networks such as MySpace or Facebook, and of course, CarbonBlack. Just type your business name on google and see how many of the pages returned you control directly. You’ll be lucky if it’s more than 50% of them.

Rule n°1 – control your reputation online

Make sure that information found about your brand on the Internet reflects the image you want to give. You won’t be able to control all the pages returned on google, but you can work to make “positive” content about your brand more prominent than negative or neutral content.

If you sign up on CarbonBlack, you’ll be provided with a customised web page to present your business. This page has been designed so that it returns high in google results. If your website is not very visible on Google, your Carbonblack page can represent your business. If your website is visible, then, the CarbonBlack page will add “positive” content about your business in the top Google results.

Rule n°2 – Foster online consumer reviews – this is in your control, and it’s FREE

The couple of webpages you will control are just the tip of the iceberg… Thousand of websites allow consumers to review businesses and products all over the web, and soon a search on your business name will return hundred thousands of pages.

You need to encourage these reviews because your customers are your most efficient sales force. Start with asking your happy customers to review you on CarbonBlack – it’s FREE – and likely to be far more powerful than a full page ad in your local newspaper!

Keep in mind the old marketing principle: a happy customer will tell X people about your business, an unhappy customer will tell Y people about her bad experience with your business. Regardless of absolute numbers, the point is that Y is far bigger than X. Therefore, you need to keep customers happy, and you need to make sure they spread their happiness.

Did you know that on service centres with good reviews receive on average 480% more sales leads than those service centres with no reviews?

You might think all this is old stuff… But it’s actually under the spotlights. We knew that word of mouth was an important influencer, but Rubicon’s latest survey reveals that word of mouth is the biggest purchase influencer just before online consumer reviews.

At CarbonBlack, we push consumers to review products and service centres. But you can help as well. It’s as simple as asking the consumer to review your service on CarbonBlack, they’ll be happy that you care. And even better, provide them with a remarkably good service, and they’ll talk about it, to other potential consumers and online!


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