How many women buy tyres?

May 8, 2008 at 4:56 am Leave a comment

Here at we have decided to introduce some female content into the largely, male dominated world of tyres and tyre blogs. Its partly in keeping with having a female CEO and some female employees – of which I am one. And it’s not about losing that extra spare tyre after the winter – although that would be an added bonus – its about statistics.

Based on 2006 census data (, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that there were around 15 million people living in Australia over the age of 18, of which just over half were women. In their 2004 Survey of Motor Use they estimated that there were around 11 million passenger vehicles in the country (

Who knows whether half the cars on the road are owned by women, but I’m an economist good at making assumptions. So lets assume that women buy tyres for a conservative third of all passenger cars in Australia . That means around 3 million cars which means at least 12 million tyres .. And if we assume that 50% of them are are anything like me, spending most of their time juggling work and home, a lot of them will want to find tyre dealers quickly and easily. OK so some won’t be internet savvy – especially the 2,355 women over the age of 100 – although you never know.

As economists aren’t well known for their accurate assumptions (why has astrology been invented? So that economics would look like an accurate science) …. I wonder whether mine are far that off the mark?

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