Michelin leads in online exposure from US study

February 13, 2008 at 3:47 am Leave a comment

A recent study done by Envisional and published in the USA’s Tyres & Accessories ranks tyre brands’ online presence in terms of both prominence and sentiment.

According to the study, Michelin was found to have the most “online prominence” of all tyre brands, a position it has held onto strongly since 2005 when the survey began. Bridgestone had the biggest gain from last year in prominence, jumping from fifth to second place.

The second, and perhaps more innovative survey, was Envisional’s “Sentiment Index”. Also won by Michelin, this survey looks at positive or negative references across the internet to the brand. It’s an interesting study as it does not measure how much the firms invested in online advertising, or even how much exposure they had – rather it looks at how ordinary people are talking about them. Blogs, reviews and public messageboards are all scanned, giving a perceptive look into the minds of consumers. It makes a big difference, as well – in 2005 public sentiment lifted Pirelli from fifth to first in the online rankings.

Of course, we’ve got our own report – the CarbonBlack Tyre scorecard we mentioned a few posts ago. The CarbonBlack Tyre Scorecard is full of valuable insights based on prominence in the Australian online market. Michelin is in the top 5 in terms of ratings, recommended tyres and higest online sales, but has a few rising contenders. We will be reporting more specifically on online exposure in our upcoming reports We are quite excited about our upcoming series.

More information about the Envisional report here: http://www.reifenpresse.de/CDML007/asia/gast/detail.php?t=akt&tk=1480019&RecID=14035&abo=1

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