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World’s cheapest car at $2500

The world cheapest car by India’s Tata Motors was unveiled at India’s main auto show in New Delhi.

The vehicle is 10 feet long and can hold five very small very skinny people. The basic version comes with no radio, no air bags, no passenger-side mirror and only one windshield wiper.

There is a deluxe version that comes airconditioning which will help to cope with the Indian heat.

The two-cylinder engine is estimated to produce about 35 horsepower, good for a top speed of 120km per hour.

It is the realization of a dream for Tata chairman, Ratan Tata, who has been instrumental in coming up with a car for the masses.

He says: “It’s a car that is affordable, provides transport, meets all safety norms, emission norms – present and future, and will be a reliable form of transport, and will provide Indian families an “all-weather” means of safe transport. It is seen as a car that might change the manner in which one travels in semi-urban and rural areas which is presently not connected in any way.”

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