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What’s the relationship between love and tyres?

More metaphysical observations can be found on CarbonBlack’s tyre bloopers page.


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Online pursuit of tyres is no longer tiresome

Sydney, 29 November 2007 – CarbonBlack TyreXchange (CarbonBlack) today announced the launch of its independent CarbonBlack Tyre Scorecard. The new quarterly report details consumer tyre purchasing habits featuring data gathered at the point-of-sale on The CarbonBlack Tyre Scorecard explores pre-purchase consumer triggers for tyre brand choice, brand substitutes, brand preferences and performance feedback. The longitudinal study of consumer behaviours will track the impact of tyre branding activity over time and examine the performance of many existing tyre industry marketing strategies. The October 2007 edition is the first report in a series of high level summaries focused on the automotive industry.

According to CarbonBlack’s founder and managing director, Ms. Jodi Stanton, “Our research indicates that the marketing strategies to tyre consumers undertaken by tyre manufacturers, and distributors vary widely,” Ms Stanton said.

“Obviously some of those strategies are working while others are not – which means marketing expenditure is not being properly targeted. Our research will help direct marketing activities to minimise the risk of missing consumer purchasing triggers, previously difficult to do with more traditional marketing channels such as TV and radio”.

Amongst a wealth of information, the independent report identified:

  • certain brands experienced far greater loyalty than others;
  • consumers increasingly relied on other consumers to influence their purchasing decision;
  • many consumers had reasonably high probabilities of switching brands given the right influence;
  • no single brand produced greater than 60% support when considering purchasing that same brand of tyres again (refer graph 1);
  • marketing campaigns can produce swings of up to 14% in brand awareness with consumers (refer graph 2);
  • the most in-demand tyre requested by purchasers does not even factor on the list of most recommended by tyre dealers (refer graph 3 and 4).

For Stanton the unique aspects of the report will enable the tyre industry to understand what is involved in the purchasing cycle. “Our data is sourced during key stages in the purchasing decision making process when consumer intentions are aligned with their behaviour rather than intention,” she said.

“The report provides ongoing information about the value of brands of tyres in the Australian market that has been collated from information sourced at the time of transaction, from consumer profiling and surveys from consumers actively in the market to purchase tyres.

The results are a fascinating and an extremely valuable representation of the pattern of buying and the actual triggers used by consumers – it is not the theory that a general buying survey might generate,” Ms Stanton explained.

“This will allow tyre industry marketeers to assess the performance of their current messages and also allow them to compare performance against competitors. “

Consumers are growing more sophisticated each year. However, marketing messages tend to be more around umbrella brands and price based promotional campaigns versus specific product differentiation, leaving consumers with little choice but to focus on price.

The first in a series, the CarbonBlack Tyre Scorecard will be followed by reports covering industry issues such as pricing and promotional strategies and channels to market.

The next edition of the Scorecard (January 2008) will be released in February 2008.

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