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Australia rides on Bridgestone tyres – CarbonBlack confirms!

The Courier Mail recently reported that Bridgestone sold 2.5 million passenger tyres last year in Australia and over 3 million tyres overall.

“That makes Bridgestone, which includes Firestone and generic brands, the equal top seller in Australia with South Pacific Tyres which includes Dunlop and Goodyear.”

CarbonBlack TyreXchange, an online tyre buying website, has reported a higher proportion of Bridgestone tyre owners among its users as compared with other brands. Furthermore, when online tyre buyers are asked to indicate their preferred brands, they are choosing the well-trusted Bridgestone name more than any other brand.

“Of all our tyre buyers, 34% currently have Bridgestone tyres on their vehicles. Of these, only 6% “would not buy again”. In addition, when looking for new tyres, 31% of our tyre buyers select Bridgestone as a preferred brand, as compared to 23% who selected Goodyear, our second highest preferred brand”, states Jodi Stanton, Managing Director of CarbonBlack.

Finally, according to Stanton, once a Bridgestone owner, a tyre buyer is much more likely to replace with another Bridgestone.


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CarbonBlack TyreXchange – Sisters are doin’ it themselves


Sydney: Thursday 08th March 2007

Following a successful local launch in Canberra last month, Carbonblack TyreXchange, Australia’s first independent on-line tyre buying website, has started building a loyal customer base of ladies who feel the website’s ease of use and wealth of relevant information empowers them when making their tyre purchase.

Melissa Turner is one satisfied CarbonBlack customer. She found her experience very educational, “My knowledge of tyres has been limited to knowing that there are 4 of them and they are black! I also learned what the mysterious numbers on the side of the tyre actually meant” says Melissa.

“Prior to this occasion I put very little effort into choosing tyres or retailers. I tended to purchase on impulse and often wasn’t satisfied. For me it made choosing tyres amazingly easy and saved me phoning around.”

CarbonBlack also proudly supports the AWMN – Australian Women’s Motorsport Network. Sue Corbett, Co-Founder said “CarbonBlack TyreXchange is easy to operate, ask questions and gather information that is not normally available.”

Jodi Stanton, Managing Director of who is according to industry sources one of the few female business owners in the tyre industry says that “even though women have warmed to the site,
it’s not only for females, we have also had great feedback from men of all levels of tyre expertise.”

“We offer people choice and education, we are not aligned with any manufacture or retail chain so all the feedback about tyres and dealerships is not marketing jargon but written by our customers.”

It is simple and free to register onto the CarbonBlack site .

For further information please contact Jodi Stanton on 02 9369 4662 or contact 2threads PR on 02 9388 3250

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Welcome Leisa!

The Tyre blog is excited to introduce Leisa Emberson.

Leisa has recently taken the function of Business Developer / Account Manager for CarbonBlack.
She brings extensive experience in the tyre industry and will be driving registrations among tyre dealers to cope with the increasing number of consumers using the TyreXchange.
Leisa spent about 10 years in operations and marketing at SPT/Dunlop coordinating advertisement, promotion and event management. She recently set up a PR and sponsorhip company.

We hope she’ll contribute to the tyre blog and bring a touch of feminism to our publications!

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Slippery Roads

WW2 pilots used to call it “going for a Burton”. That’s the situation where you are out of control, and you just have to wait to see whether the fates bring you a “wizard prang” or not. If you’ve been driving a while, you’ll  probably know that feeling. If you haven’t, probably your driving instructor didn’t tell you about this.

When are you most likely to go out of control, and go for a Burton?

Most likely, it is not when it is pouring rain. At that stage, you have read the signs, have slowed down because of reduced visibility and slowing traffic, and are content just to tag along and keep the windscreen clear so you can “watch out!”

The time most likely is just after rain has started, particularly if it has been preceded by a long dry spell. The road surface micro-texture gets clogged with dirt, oil, and rubber dust. Combine this with a little bit of water, and it makes a superb lubricant. Your tyre may be in contact with the road, but the road surface isn’t showing any sharp gravel bits for the tyre to grip on- they are buried in slippery gunk! So you can spin your drive wheels, or slide dramatically, if you are heavy on the accelerator or steering. So, just as it starts to rain, back off. Wait for the rain to wash the road clean, and things will improve slightly.

The best grip then happens once the road is dry, and clean again.

Drive safely!

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