Wheels Magazine 2007 tyre review.

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If you’ve bought the April 2007 issue of “Wheels” magazine, you’ll be impressed with the amount of effort put into evaluating 2 popular tyres sold in the Australian market, the 235/45R18 on big sixes and V8’s, and the 205/55R16 sold on smaller sedans, and some sports cars. Three days of extensive testing showed the test results to be biased in favour of more expensive tyres, rather than cheap ones. Surprise! Surprise!

In tyres, as in many other manufactured articles, you get what you pay for, though I must admit the prices quoted for the tyres were the full retail, and no-one pays those, there’s just too much competition! Made me blanch a bit though!

So what distinguishes a cheap, poorly performing tyre from a good all-round tyre performer, such as the Dunlop Maxx, which handles, corners, grips in wet and dry, and responds to steering input. In a word, it’s “complexity”. What makes a tyre construction work is explained in the tyre technology section of this blog.

And it comes at a price.

Sure, you could be critical that they only did two timed runs, maybe three if the deviation was too great, but the (skilled) test drivers must have been slightly stir crazy, and even more skilled, or even more tired, at the end of three day’s testing. So some deviation from standard must be expected. Nethertheless, good tyres all rated within 1-2% of each other, whereas poorer quality tyres fell down in one or more important aspects.

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