Daring raid nets $31,000 worth of tyres

April 4, 2007 at 9:49 am Leave a comment

I just found this article reporting the tyre theft that happened in Sydney West near Homebush.

Quite funny because I had written in a previous article that tyres are a form of international currency, since they are all made to the same technical standards worldwide.

However, the thieves who took off with a container load of tyres, read currency, in Sydney will find that they are quite bulky, and hard to conceal, even in their container. If they are truck tyres, probably Bridgestones, they will find a market, but where do they get them fitted?

Reminds me of the time that 165-13 tyres were disappearing from a huge warehouse, and no-one knew how. Why only 165-13? Turned out they fitted exactly into a 44 gallon (200 litre) rubbish drum , in fact so neatly that the rubbish (on top) could be emptied out without dislodging the tyres underneath. Didn’t shift much rubbish though, only netted nine months gaol!

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