What is the right tyre for me?

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For most of us, it’s not that important that I should know. The car came with tyres on it, and we “had a good run out of them”, and suddenly find that you are up for at least two, or even four new ones. Replacement tyres are readily available from every automotive outlet it seems, and I need them now, because ….(insert your own reasons, mostly fear of the consequences if I don’t). How do I find out about them in such a short time, or should I just “leave it to the experts”?

But if I do, I might end up with something that doesn’t suit me at all, and then I’m stuck with them for the next forty thousand kilometres or more, because there is no way I can afford another set before these are worn out. Even when that happens, I’m still not knowledgeable about tyres, except for the one brand/pattern/ tyre that I now know I don’t want again.

So take a deep breath, and read the material in our FAQ, and “All about tyres”. They can be read in a quarter of an hour if you work at it without interruption. These articles have NOT been written by a manufacturer, but are provided so that you can learn at an easy paced fashion, a bit more about the four black footprints that connect your car to the universe. These four footprints in total are only around 600 square centimetres, there’s an awful lot goes on down there to keep you on the straight and narrow, or guided smoothly around a curve, or starts and stops you.

A tyre is an integral part of the car’s suspension. With the latest innovations in traction control, A.B.S. braking, attitude sensors that sense when the car is sliding out of control, it has never been more intimately involved in making the car handle, stop and steer as it was designed to do. Yet all these tyres on the market all look the same- round, fat, black, and you kick them (occasionally). They come from all over the world, and they all look all right, so how do I make a good choice?

A tyre dealer will steer you in the right direction, if you are able to tell what you want. I wish that was always true, but it’s not. He (they are nearly always he) talks his language, and you don’t know what to say. Our format will at least get you to first base, by being able to nominate the tyre size in detail, and what sort of driving you do.

That’s a start, isn’t it? From then on, realise that you get only what you pay for, in tyres as in everything else, but that the quality of the service can make the experience a lot more pleasurable. The tyre dealer has invested quite an amount in specialised fitting, balancing, and alignment equipment, and in training his staff to use them.

But has he made sure that the tyre person LISTENS to what you are able to tell him. Beware the young enthusiastic salesman who wants to sell you a blocky, aggressive tyre pattern with a low profile, because they go great on his Nissan sports, when you are a sedate driving middle aged family man who drives up to the weekend shack every month or so on the freeway. That is the advantage of the “Carbonblack TyreXchange” way of making your choices known to the dealer. You are informed, you decide, and having made your choice, you have them fitted at a time and place convenient for you. It may be near work, or near the station, or in the local shopping centre, or on an industrial estate nearby. You decide!

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