Replacing your car’s tyres…..what you need to know and think about

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Passive replacement!

Your car has been regularly serviced by the dealership, or the local garage, and the inspection report provided has a box ticked that you didn’t expect. ‘Your tyres are showing signs of excessive wear’ it says, or something similar. At the next service, the mechanic makes a special point of letting you know that they tyres need replacing-now! You might even get a phone call at work!

Some dealerships will arrange for fitting a new tyre to happen. They shunt the vehicle down the street, and a friendly tyre service which has a commercial arrangement with them, will fit a new tyre for you, once you have approved the purchase. Hardly gets you, as the owner involved, does it? And the new tyre(s) are different to the others, and they cost a lot more than you expected. That’s when you wish that you had taken a bit more interest in your tyres.

New cars have their original equipment tyres specified by the car engineers to match the driving characteristics they have designed into it. Others have a ‘captive’ tyre company, which may own quite a share of the car company, and therefore have a lot of ‘clout’ in dictating the brand of tyre on the vehicle, as well as matching the engineers’ requirements- a collaborative effort

Some of these tyres may be quite unique to that make and model, and there is no alternative available in the aftermarket. Others may have a range of optional sizes specified for the same vehicle, as a ‘packaged special’, which may limit that sizes popularity. Most vehicle manufacturers however, will always have at least two tyre suppliers, so that they can bargain one against the other, and always have an alternative source of supply in case of disruption.

Active replacement

So, tyres wear out, and need replacing, because it is unsafe not to do so, and the law demands it. How many? Generally on a modern front wheel drive car, the front tyres are replaced well before the rear tyres.  You can replace the tyres supplied originally with identical tyres, if you can find them. Tyre patterns and fashions change, and three years may have elapsed. ‘Sorry, it’s been superseded’, you are told when you get on the phone. Back to square one. That’s when the ‘Carbonblack TyreXchange can help you. Onto the internet, and let the dealers tell you what they have available, when, and how much. They are the experts, let them make a recommendation. If you are unwilling to depart from your tried and true brand of tyre, let the dealer know that too, as your first preference.

So that you know what the dealer is recommending, consult our ‘All about tyres’ and ‘F.A.Q’s’ so that you know the right questions to ask to justify his recommendation. After all, you don’t want to get stuck with a ‘lemon’ for the next 40,000 kilometres.

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