Care with Air

December 11, 2006 at 10:40 pm Leave a comment

Compressed air can be a dangerous commodity to handle. Sure, there are plenty of regulations that specify how it is to be stored, and the design of the compressor tanks and air lines is controlled, and they should be regularly inspected.  But what about the human element?

It is not generally realised that it is not to be fooled with, particularly around the human body. It is an unfortunate habit in many tyre shops that clothing and body are cleaned down with a blast of compressed air. However, if say, there is a cut on the hand that is being blasted with a jet of air, then air can enter the bloodstream and cause an embolism, or bubble in your blood stream. It has also seemed that workshop guys fooling around entered air into the bowels of a co-worker through the obvious place, and killed him.

So treat air under pressure with respect. Clean down your work clothes with a vacuum cleaner instead.

And always wear goggles when air blasting the interior of a tyre, or a dirty wheel.  You have been given only two eyes to last a lifetime.

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